Dad's Place Media provides services in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Transferring
    If you have old analog material that you need to get into a digital format, we can help. We can take VHS tapes, old record albums and cassettes and transfer them to digital formats to let you listen or view them using modern technology, or simply to preserve them for the future.
  • Transcription
    If you have audio or video content that you need transcribed into a text document, we can help. We will transcribe the audio from your program and type it into a readable format that will allow others to read and follow the information presented.
  • Creating
    We can help you to create audio and visual content for use in a variety of platforms, we can help! With our experience in music, recording, graphic design and video production, Dad’s Place Media can create what you need, or work with your team to create content that presents you and your product or services in the best manner.
  • Training
    Sometimes established businesses need to train (or re-train) their staff in order to make the best use of today’s technology for increased efficiency in business. Dad’s Place Media can help your people understand and use the tools available in order to enhance and modernize your business.