In October, 2003, WGAL-TV, an NBC affiliate based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, debuted a new family television program called "The Steven Courtney Channel." It stars popular family performer Steven Courtney and airs every Saturday at 12 noon. Working in conjunction with Golden Sun Entertainment, Bennett Rabiega of Dad's Place Media is co-writing and performing on the show, which uses music and comedy to encourage imagination, fun, family interaction and positive character traits. In 2004, the show was named "Best Original Children's Program" by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters. This encompasses all locally produced children's programming in the State of Pennsylvania. The show ran on WGAL-TV for 2 seasons. For more information about Steven Courtney, or "The Steven Courtney Channel," click here to go to his website.

In the spring of 2004, Dad's Place Media produced a training DVD for Mary Kay Cosmetics Regional Sales Director, Barb Rabiega. The resulting DVD will be used to train new Mary Kay consultants.

On the music front, the song, "If the World Was Filled With Love (co-written by Bennett Rabiega and Steven Courtney), was named "Best Song for Older Children" by the Children's Music Web. If you'd like to hear the song (which appeared on Steven Courtney's "Imaginary Motorplane" CD), click HERE.

In addition, Bennett produced a six-song demo for a Lancaster County singer, Gina Nations. He is currently working on a CD of contemporary arrangements of some of the classic hymns.

CD-ROM production remains steady and Dad's Place Media has recently begun to branch out into website design.

So you can see, we've been quite busy here. Soon we hope to have some of this music available for sale or download on this site.

In the meantime, please take a look at the Dad's Place Media website and contact us at if you have any questions.